The public launch of the Campaign for the Boys this past year coincided with a record-setting year for the Amici Fund, which for the first time in Woodberry history topped $4 million. The fund closed the year with $4,353,350 donated by alumni, parents, and friends of the school, an increase of nearly $500,000 from last year’s previous record, which was almost $3.9 million.

Gifts to the Amici Fund go immediately to work enhancing the experience of the boys here now. Amici gifts also support the faculty and staff who make the Woodberry experience possible for the boys. Special programs like the all-school Expedition Week or everyday activities such as arts, athletics, and extracurriculars are made possible by Amici.

During the past year, nearly 65 percent of alumni made a gift, as did more than 92 percent of current parents. Impressive performances were found across the alumni community, but one particularly noteworthy effort came from the class of 2021. In that group’s first year as alumni, 91 percent of the class made a gift.

Continuing the fund’s recent success was OneWoodberry held this year on February 24. As always with OneWoodberry, the hundreds of dedicated alumni and parent volunteers worked to rally each class to make the day a success. The class of 1948 with 100 percent participation, the class of 1975 with 95 percent participation, the class of 1963 with $179,714, and the class of 2000 with ninety-five gifts led the way as Woodberry received more than 3,500 gifts to Amici by the end of February 24. Gifts came from forty-eight states and a dozen countries.

This year’s results, with a record-setting dollar amount and outstanding participation, place the Amici Fund as one of the outstanding annual fundraising efforts at any school, college, or university. No other institution boasts such a high level of alumni support. This was the sixth consecutive year with alumni giving above 60 percent. Only a few other institutions top 50 percent in alumni support, and none can match the unwavering loyalty that the Tiger Nation shows through its gifts to the Amici Fund.