Total Endowed Awards: $1,205,658

Class of 2006 Residential Life Award Established in 2006 by the Class of 2006 to recognize a member of the school community who contributes greatly to residential life.


Distinguished Adviser Award for Outstanding Service Established in 2011 by Virginia and Robert Spratley, grandparents of Lemuel L. Doss IV ’11, to recognize a faculty member for exceptional service as an advisor to students.


Sam Alexander Dougherty ’42 Memorial Golf Prize Established in 1948 by Penelope and Francis M. Dougherty 1909 and William H. Dougherty ’41 in memory of their son and brother, killed in action during World War II, to recognize the player with the lowest scoring average in varsity matches.


General Awards Fund A common fund comprising gifts in support of academic, athletic, and graduation awards.


Frank Hawkins Kenan ’31 Medal Established in 1994 by Betty Kenan, in honor of her husband, to recognize a sixth former who exhibits leadership and outstanding achievement in academics, athletics, and fine arts.


William R. Kenan Jr. Science Award Established in 2012 by the William R. Kenan Jr. Charitable Trust, in recognition of Mr. Kenan’s distinguished career as a research chemist, to recognize the top science scholar in the fifth form.


Most Valuable Player Award Established in 1969 by Anonymous ’38 to support MVP awards in wrestling, lacrosse, indoor track and field, and basketball.


George R. O’Connor ’70 Award for Excellence Established in 1980 by The Brown Foundation, Highland Resources, and Maconda and Ralph S. O’Connor in honor of their son, to recognize a faculty member who demonstrates unusual teaching excellence in the classroom, dormitory, or on the playing field.


Vivian Slaughter 1897 Award Established in 1993 in memory of Vivian Slaughter, Class of 1897, killed during World War I, to recognize a sixth former who has excelled in scholarship and distinguished himself by intellectual or creative achievement in some voluntary activity.


Robert F. Vasquez Spanish Award Established in 2011 by an anonymous donor in honor of Robert F. Vasquez, a member of the faculty from 1961 to 1999.


Frank S. Walker 1903 Award Established in 1974 by an anonymous alumnus in memory of Frank S. Walker of the Class of 1903, to recognize a member of the staff who has given most unselfishly in the performance of his or her duties, thus helping to perpetuate the spirit of Woodberry as exemplified by Mr. Frank Walker in his lifetime.


Mrs. J. Carter Walker Medal Established in 1964 by F. Evans Farwell ’25, in honor of the first headmaster’s wife, to recognize a sixth former who has shown the most significant academic improvement during his years at Woodberry.