2022-2023 Parent Committees

Sixth-Form Parents’ and Grandparents’ Gift Committee

Brad and Reed Roberts, Chairs

Don and Nicole Barnes

Brent and Andrea Bell

Howard and Stephanie Bissell

Sam ’82 and Cooper Bratton

Ned and Anne Rand

Jim and Josie Shuford

Picton ’87 and Carla Warlow

Class of 2024

Eli ’94 and Julia Green, Chairs

Harry and Carrie Bell

Mark and Stephanie Osada

Zol and Cora Rainey

Chris and Walker Wilson

Philip and Morgan Zanone

Class of 2025

Tad and Whitney Melton, Chairs

Justin and Donyal Andrews

John and Eliza Blackwell

Greg and Erin Lanuti

Colin and Lexi McKay

Marshall ’00 and Bonnie Rabil

Danny and Anna Van Clief

Class of 2026

Knox ’94 and Betsy Morrison, Chairs

Phil and Hunter Burris

Greg and Jennifer Floyd

David and Rebecca Horner

Harris ’92 and Kate Morrison

Coy ’87 and Laura Monk

Joe ’91 and Britt Parrish